Upcoming Iconic Pairings Hitting The Theaters

The Korean film industry is really back! The stellar line up for the upcoming films will leave you breathless as your favorite Korean stars gather for mega projects! Here are the films you should watch out for!

Yum Jung Ah, Ryu Seung Ryong, Ong Seong Woo and Park Se wan

The first jukebox musical film in South Korea depicts a woman named Se Yeon, played by Yum Jung Ah, who asks her husband to find her first love as a birthday present, and Jin Bong to be played by Ryu Seung Ryong, who unwillingly agrees to embark on the strange adventure. Park Se Wan plays the younger Se Yeon, a high school student who has just met her first love, while Ong Seong Woo plays ‘Jungwoo,’ a senior in the broadcasting class who has fallen in love with ‘young Se Yeon.’

Yeo Jin Goo, Cho Yi Hyun, Kim Hye Yoon, Na In Woo, and Bae In Hyuk

The 2000 film “Ditto” will be getting a remake with Yeo Jin Goo, Cho Yi Hyun, Kim Hye Yoon, Na In Woo, and Bae In Hyuk as the main leads. “Ditto” follows a love story and friendship about a man and a woman from different periods who coincidentally begin to converse through walkie-talkies. Yeo Jin-goo plays the role of a student returning to the mechanical engineering department in the 95th grade. Jo Yi Hyun plays the 21st-year sociology department, and Kim Hye Yoon plays the role of Hansol, the dragon’s first love. Na In-woo plays the role of Young Ji, who is friendly with the pattern.

Ahn Bo Hyun and YoonA

“2 O’Clock Date” is a romantic comedy about a woman who has a dark secret and a man who lives on the second floor. The touching film tells the story of what occurs when two neighbors wind up meeting every day. Ahn Bo Hyun and YoonA will play the main leads in the upcoming film.

Kang Ha Neul and Jung So Min

’30 Days’ is a romantic comedy about a couple who previously had a love story but are now on the verge of divorce after a heated argument. Kang Ha Neul plays Jeong Yeol, a lawyer with no mountains to climb, and Jung So Min plays a film producer who is not easygoing and appears to be a natural in romantic comedy.

Im Siwan and Park Eun Bin

Boston 1947 tells the story of runners who competed in the Boston International Marathon for the first time since World War II, with Im Siwan playing Seo Yun Bok, the first Korean to compete in the Boston International Marathon and conquer the world, and Park Eun Bin playing Seo Yun Bok’s girlfriend. Meanwhile, Ha Jung Woo will play Son Kee Jung, a track and field athlete from the Japanese colonial era through the commencement of the Korean government’s foundation. He was also the first Korean to win an Olympic medal.

Park Seo Joon, Park Bo Young, and Lee Byung Hun

The disaster thriller movie follows the story of survivors who gather in the remaining imperial palace apartment in Seoul, which experienced a massive earthquake that ruined a big part of the area. Lee Byung Hun will also star in the film as Young Tak, the temporary leader of the residents of Hwang Goong Apartments. Meanwhile, Park Seo Joon will star as Min Sung, a hard-working civil servant and devoted husband who catches Young Tak’s eye and is selected to assist him. Park Bo Young will play Min Sung’s wife Myung Hwa, a former nurse who is a warm-hearted character who uses her skills to take care of the injured.

Park Bo Gum, Suzy and Gong Yoo

‘Wonderland,’ a virtual world that uses AI technology to recreate and meet people who cannot meet for various reasons. Park Bo Gum‘s character goes into a coma while Suzy‘s character requests to meet him in Wonderland, and Gong Yoo, a husband in his 40s, laments his late wife, Tang Wei, as does his child, who cannot forget their mother. In Wonderland, Gong Yoo’s character also desires a reunion.

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