Upcoming Iconic Pairings Hitting The Theaters

The Korean film industry is really back! The stellar line up for the upcoming films will leave you breathless as your favorite Korean stars gather for mega projects! Here are the films you should watch out for! Yum Jung Ah, Ryu Seung Ryong, Ong Seong Woo and Park Se wan The first jukebox musical film in South Korea depicts a woman named Se Yeon, played by Yum Jung Ah, who asks her husband to find her first love as a birthday present, and Jin Bong to be played by Ryu…


K-Pop Idols Who Are Considered Great Actors

Nowadays, dramas are showcasing various diverse plots. It can be on main channels, cable networks, or online platforms. Some of the famous casted actors/actresses are from popular idol groups. However, the public usually views idols who try to act not as good as to be called an actor. There is also a connotation that the title “actordol” pertains to someone/an idol who is just lucky to have been given an opportunity with acting but is not good enough for a role. Except for these people on the list! These people…