8 Best English Covers of K-Pop Artists

K-pop artists are incredibly talented and versatile, and this is evident in their ability to cover English songs of all genres, from slow ballads to upbeat pop anthems. They put their unique spin on these classic hits, creating covers that are both familiar and fresh.

The Rose – ILYSB

Now this is a real cover. Known for their emotional and powerful performances, The Rose‘s cover of “ILYSB” is widely praised for its heartfelt delivery and the band’s unique rock sound. Lead vocalist Woosung has that distinctive voice, and his high notes in this performance is simply stunning.

Suzy – Me

She has it all. period. Suzy delivers a soulful rendition of the classic R&B song, showcasing her incredible vocal skills, hits every note perfectly, and her voice is full of emotion.

Taeyeon – Slow Motion

Taeyeon‘s cover of Karina’s “Slow Motion” is possibly our favorite performance of hers of all time. Her unique vocal color perfectly complements the classic song, and her runs are so smooth, they’ll melt your ears. This cover is simply outstanding.

Yoo Hwe Seung – We Are The Champions

N.Flying‘s Yoo Hwe Seung’s performance of We Are The Champions was simply electric. He took Queen’s classic anthem and made it his own with his superb powerful vocals. He kept the song’s powerful energy intact, but he also added his vocal flair to it. His high notes in the second half of the song were particularly impressive, and they blew away the audience.

D.O. and Suhyun – Rewrite the Stars

We need a collab between these two. D.O.‘s vocals are warm and soulful, while Lee Suhyun‘s vocals are clear and ethereal. Together, they create a sound that is both powerful and delicate. This performance is full of emotion and talent. Can they cover a Disney classic next time?

Jessi – Can’t Take My Eyes Off Of You

Jessi‘s take on Frankie Valli’s classic is such a bold and confident performance. Jessi puts her spin on the song, with her dark, powerful, husky vocals and confident attitude. Her performance demonstrates her versatility and talent as a singer, rapper, performer, and entertainer. As the cherry on top, her outfit is perfect.

Girl’s Generation-TTS – Cater 2 U

Girl’s Generation-TTS added their unique twist. The sub unit’s vocals are on full display and nailed the harmonies. This performance is sure to please fans of both the group and Destiny’s Child.

MONSTA X – Versace on the Floor

MONSTA X’s cover of Bruno Mars’s “Versace on the Floor” is one of the highlights of their career with the boys bringing their own unique style to the song, with their powerful vocals, sharp rapping, and slick choreography. The cover is a perfect example of MONSTA X’s exceptional talent and charisma.

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