Miss A: Was There a Feud Between Suzy and the Members?

Miss A was one of the most popular K-pop girl groups of the second generation, known for their catchy songs and synchronized dancing. However, there have been rumors of a feud between the group members and Suzy, who was arguably the most popular member. One of the main reasons for these rumors is that JYP Entertainment was pushing Suzy more than the group. Suzy began to focus more on her solo career as Miss A’s popularity began to decline. She started appearing in more dramas and movies and her name…


Jiafei: The AI-Generated K-Pop Meme Sensation

First and foremost, it’s important to clarify that Jiafei is not an actual person; rather, it is an AI-generated image that combines two K-pop stars, Meng Jia and Wang Feifei, both members of the K-pop group miss A. The name “Jiafei” is a fusion of their names. Jiafei gained popularity on TikTok in 2021 when automated Chinese accounts used her image and name to flood videos with attractive Asian women from Douyin, China’s version of TikTok. These videos were rather odd, as they were essentially advertisements for various products, and…


Stray Kids Redefines K-Pop Concerts With MANIAC Tour In Manila

Stray Kids has set up the bar way too high. The two-day show attended by nearly 18,000 Filipino fans, MANIAC Tour in Manila has redefined K-Pop concerts. Flashing lights, bold visuals, a grand stage, and of course the eight-piece act came through with their powerful voices and intense choreography that Stays fell in love with. Along with hit songs like “God’s Menu”, “Thunderous”, and “Maniac,” as well as fan favorites b-sides from their four-year glorious career in K-Pop, their setlist is jam-packed with over three hours of music. It ain’t…


10 Must See Moments From STRAY KIDS Maniac Tour in Manila

Stray Kids¬†came back to the Philippines with their highly anticipated world tour, MANIAC! With the previous stops that happened in the past months, it’s almost impossible to not spoil yourself (whether you like it or not) with the tour! Fans all around the globe have given hints about what they could expect, promising fans that they would get to see some exciting stages from Bang Chan, Lee Know, Changbin, Hyunjin, Han, Felix, Seungmin, and I.N at their Manila stop! Nothing Beats a Live Band. Ready you more head banging! THE…


JYP Entertainment To Stop Producing Physical Albums

On August 3, 2021, one of the biggest entertainment companies in Korea, JYP Entertainment released its 2021 ESG report explaining the company’s actions toward a healthier and blooming environment. The report contains the activities of JYP Entertainment internally and externally. Reducing activities that create huge environmental impacts such as producing the albums and merchandise of their artists. In order to reduce waste generated from the albums, the company will be releasing digital-based albums that will replace plastic physical CDs. Photocards will be the only inclusions when buying physical albums. Songs,…


K-Pop Idols Who Were Rejected by JYP Entertainment

The K-Pop industry is known for its fierce competition and rigorous training, where aspiring artists dedicate years to perfecting their skills in the hopes of debuting under one of the prestigious entertainment agencies. JYP Entertainment, one of the “Big Three” agencies in South Korea, has nurtured numerous successful idols. However, not all aspiring stars who audition for JYP Entertainment are accepted into the company. They’ve endured it all! Here are some of today’s biggest idols who were rejected by JYP Entertainment. BTS J-Hope J-Hope auditioned at JYP Entertainment in 2009…


K-Pop’s Biggest Entertainment Companies and Their New Homes

It looks like Korea’s biggest entertainment companies have challenged each other to rehabilitate their buildings and move out of Gangnam. The iconic buildings of BigHit, YG, SM, and JYP are now part of history. This time, their new headquarters will be a lot more engaging and picturesque for the fans. Take a look at the future tourist destinations for us, Hallyu fans!  HYBE Entertainment – Home to BTS, Seventeen, TXT, Enhypen, and more Yongsan Trade Center, Yongsan, Seoul  Tour from ENHYPHEN:  YG Entertainment – Home to BIGBANG, BLACKPINK, Winner, iKON,…