Miss A: Was There a Feud Between Suzy and the Members?

Miss A was one of the most popular K-pop girl groups of the second generation, known for their catchy songs and synchronized dancing. However, there have been rumors of a feud between the group members and Suzy, who was arguably the most popular member.

One of the main reasons for these rumors is that JYP Entertainment was pushing Suzy more than the group. Suzy began to focus more on her solo career as Miss A’s popularity began to decline. She started appearing in more dramas and movies and her name skyrocketed across the Korean Peninsula. Suzy was branded as the ‘nation’s first love’, with her girl-next-door image. The idol was also hailed as the “CF-Queen” due to her numerous endorsement deals.

Another reason for the rumors is that the other Miss A members, Jia, Min, and Fei, seemed to be closer to each other than they were to Suzy. They often posted photos and videos together on social media, and they were often seen hanging out together outside of work. However, Suzy was rarely seen with them, which made some fans believe that she was being isolated from the group.

There have also been some specific incidents that have fueled the rumors of a feud. For example, in 2015, Jia’s birthday party was attended by several other idols, but Suzy was not there. This led some fans to believe that Suzy had intentionally skipped the party.

In 2015, during the promotions for their song “Only Love,” the members of miss A were seen avoiding physical contact with Suzy. This led to widespread speculation that the group’s most popular member was an outcast.

Adding fuel to the fire, it was observed that Suzy seemed to show more affection towards other artists on her public SNS accounts. It was noted that Suzy congratulated other JYP artists such as Bernard Park and 2PM’s Junho on their birthdays through SNS, but she did not do anything during one of her own member’s birthday

Fei’s Perspective

Former Miss A member Fei weighed in on the rumors during a Sina Weibo interview. She revealed her thoughts on Miss A’s supposed “unequal development opportunities” and also spoke about fellow group member Suzy. Fei stressed how hard Suzy worked to keep up with the other members as best as she could. She also praised Suzy’s incredible work ethic which has remained the same ever since their debut days

Fans also noticed that something was wrong with their behind-the-scenes video below:

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