Stray Kids Redefines K-Pop Concerts With MANIAC Tour In Manila

Stray Kids has set up the bar way too high. The two-day show attended by nearly 18,000 Filipino fans, MANIAC Tour in Manila has redefined K-Pop concerts.

Flashing lights, bold visuals, a grand stage, and of course the eight-piece act came through with their powerful voices and intense choreography that Stays fell in love with. Along with hit songs like “God’s Menu”, “Thunderous”, and “Maniac,” as well as fan favorites b-sides from their four-year glorious career in K-Pop, their setlist is jam-packed with over three hours of music.

It ain’t a Stray Kids concert without performing, “Easy,” “All In,” “District 9,” “Back Door,” “Charmer,” “Lonely St.,” “Side Effects,” “Thunderous,” “Domino,” “God’s Menu,” “Cheese,” “Yayaya,” as well as “Rock!”

As the boys greet the audience, something that is nothing new, Bang Chan, leader of the group praises the Filipino crowd for cheering enthusiastically. Hits and side tracks kept on coming till the group was split into units with Bang Chan, Lee Know, Seungmin, and I.N performing “Waiting for Us”, while Changbin, Hyunjin, and Felix took on the stage with “Muddy Water”.

We live for an unscripted and freestyle segment, which makes some of the best moments in a concert! Hyunjin did spontaneous freestyle dance to “Play with Fire,” a cover of Dua Lipa’s “Love Again” from Felix, and Lee Know with Sam Fischer’s “This City” and an acoustic version of New Jeans’ “OMG” from Seungmin.

When we thought headbanging was over, one of the night’s most electrifying performances delivered a thrilling mix of “Case 143,” “Hellevator,” “Top,” and “Victory Song.”

“Whenever we do a concert with STAYs, it’s not just us that’s doing the concert, but I feel like we’re doing it together because we sing together, dance together. We share love together,” Bang Chan said. Fans applauded loudly as Han, who had to sit down due to health issues, was reassured of their understanding. “I know you guys really hate to hear this word—I’m sorry. I’m really, really sorry about that. I know you guys are really worried about my condition issues and healthcare, but guys, to be honest, I really feel okay, I really feel great. Doing this show and your energy make my condition better. I feel great now,” Han remarked.

The show ended with a bang with “Fam”, “Miroh”, “Star Lost”, and “Haven” as Stray Kids came up to the stage for an encore wearing t-shirts with the word “Maniac” on them.

Manila’s MANIAC Tour brought Filipinos to a whole new concert experience. Every detail was well-thought-of from the stage production, visuals on led, songs’ arrangement, and the setlist. It was an incredible event featuring the boys’ true artistry along with thousands of Stays that have believed in them and stayed with them since “Stray Kids”.


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