Kang Ha Neul to Appear on the Finale Episode of “The Kidnapping Day”

Kang Ha Neul to make a special cameo appearance in support of his agency junior in the K-drama “The Kidnapping Day.”

The production team of ENA’s drama “The Kidnapping Day” revealed on October 24 that Kang Ha Neul will be seen in the finale episode of the series. The broadcast channel released still cuts of the actor’s cameo appearance on their various social media platforms. 

Kang Ha Neul will play the role of a lawyer in the series. In the released teaser photo, the actor is seen in a dark backroom seemingly talking to someone. He wears a lawyer’s badge adding curiosity to his character in the series.

According to reports, Kang Ha Neul decided to make an appearance in “The Kidnapping Day” to support his junior Kang Young Seok who portrays the role of Jayden from the same agency. 

The production team of “The Kidnapping Day” shared, “Kang Ha Neul made the final episode better with his cameo appearance. We will showcase the passionate performance of the actor with his identity that punishes evil. We will continue to unveil the truth until the end so please anticipate and watch the finale.”

“The Kidnapping Day” will air its finale episode on October 25 at 9PM KST.

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