Why Jessi Is Not Your Ordinary K-Pop Star

“Who are you to judge me? We’re not a team. This is a competition.” The line that gave birth to a star. Jessi has left a lasting influence on Korea since then. The K-Pop star has broken so many standards which made her stand out from the crowd. The K-Pop scene has never seen a performer quite like Jessi, based on her personality and attitude on stage; a breath of fresh air! Here are some of the reasons why Jessi isn’t your typical K-Pop star.


Sets Her Own Standards!

Jessi isn’t Jessi until she breaks several traditional beauty standards! Her tanned skin, arched brows rather than straight puppy brows, and overlined lips distinguish her from other K-Pop performers. Of course, she’s killing it!


A Show Stopper!

When she arrives as a guest, hosts must be prepared! Her appearances on How Do You Play?, Running Man, and Sixth Sense are truly remarkable for giving the shows a flavor that no other guests could provide. Effortlessly witty, engaging, and show-stopping performer! Plus, one of the books is about her chemistry with Yoo Jae Suk! Come on!


A True Fighter.

All of this did not come easily to her! At the age of 15, she debuted among 2nd Generation groups such as Super Junior, BIGBANG, and Girls’ Generation. Following a 5-year absence, Jessi returned as a member of the hip-hop band Lucky J, and she then competed in the first season of Unpretty Rapstar, finishing second. Jessi has created a name for herself since then but many still tried to bring her down. Not until In 2020, when “Nunu Nana,” her first big hit took over South Korea which was quickly followed by “What Type of X,” “Cold Blooded,” and “Zoom.”


Her Own Style!

Jessi’s show, Show!terview, is a revelation of her true personality. No episode has experienced a dull moment thanks to her bold and witty personality. While talk shows in Korea preserve the reserved image of the guests, Jessi does the other way around and let the guests shine with their charms, In an interview, she said, “I don’t read scripts. I just go with the flow. So I think I’m good at picking up what might make guests feel uncomfortable or what might not be fun for the viewers.” Thanks to her assistant interviewer, Jo Jung Shik, for restraining her from doing or saying something shocking to the Korean audience.


An Extraordinary Performer

“Never goes off” she replied to one of her fans telling her mic was on. We’ve never seen her lip-synch and deliver a mediocre performance. She always gives her all, no matter how big or little the show is. 


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