6 Spine-Chilling Ghost Encounters by K-pop Stars

Step into the eerie and supernatural world of K-Pop with spine-chilling ghost encounters, unexplained mysteries, and hair-raising paranormal incidents involving your favorite idols. These otherworldly stories will send shivers down your spine and leave you questioning the boundary between the living and the supernatural.

SEVENTEEN’s ghost encounter while filming GOING SEVENTEEN

SEVENTEEN once filmed an episode of their variety show GOING SEVENTEEN at an abandoned factory. During the filming, members, Wonwoo, The8 and Hoshi, claimed to have seen four ghosts, one of which was a female ghost. The production team had only set up three male ghosts, making the members’ experience even more unsettling.

MAMAMOO saw Hwasa’s doppelgänger in the dorm

In a “Knowing Brothers” episode, MAMAMOO‘s Moonbyul shared a terrifying paranormal experience in which she saw what appeared to be Hwasa’s doppelgänger in their dorm. Moonbyul was alone in her bed when she heard noises coming from below, realizing someone was going through her drawers. She looked down and saw Hwasa eating her candy. Hwasa then climbed up to Moonbyul’s bunk, made a loud noise, and returned to eating as if nothing happened. The next day, Moonbyul asked Hwasa if she had returned to the dorm, but Hwasa had been in her hometown, too far away to travel back in one night. Solar also recounted a similar incident of seeing Hwasa when she was in a different location.

Onew’s Spooky Encounter with a Minho doppelgänger

Onew once shared a spooky story about a Minho look-alike ghost in the SHINee‘s dorm. Onew and Minho both needed a quick shower at the dorm. Onew forgot his towel and asked Minho for help. A figure Onew mistook for Minho handed him a towel. Later, the real Minho showed up, leaving Onew seriously spooked. Turns out, there were no other people in the dorm that day, other than the two and the ghostly encounter left Onew with chills.

OH MY GIRL’s Jiho and Arin VLIVE Mystery

In 2016, OH MY GIRL‘s Jiho and Arin shared their own scary stories and read eerie tales submitted by fans on VLIVE. What left fans most terrified, however, wasn’t the idols’ anecdotes but rather the paranormal occurrences during the live broadcast. The camera unexplainably shook several times and even fell to the ground once, the blinds also opened and shut down aggressively it made a sound that terrified Arin.

6:13; 8:12; 19:41 Camera shakes on its own, at 27:20 the blinds are fully shut but at 27:20 and 27:38 the mid-section of those blinds is opening. At 28:35 it shut down so aggressively that it made a sound.

Viewers also noticed numerous shadows behind the members, accompanied by unexplainable voices and sounds unrelated to either of them. Arin was so distressed that she almost cried. Whether the broadcast was orchestrated by the members or the staff remains a mystery, but it undeniably sent chills down the spines of those who tuned in.

T.O.P’s iPod Suddenly Played

In an episode of BIGBANG TV, T.O.P and the rest of the BIGBANG members were hanging out when, out of the blue, T.O.P’s iPod started playing music, even though it was turned off, all of which was caught on camera.

CRAVITY’s Taeyoung elevator incident

CRAVITY‘s Taeyoung recounted a creepy elevator incident from 2018 when, as a 15-year-old, he noticed the elevator taking him to the 25th floor on its own but he actually pressed the 4th floor. Despite his efforts to stop it, the elevator continued upward. The next day, he reviewed CCTV footage of the incident, leaving everyone with a spine-tingling sensation.

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