6 Spine-Chilling Ghost Encounters by K-pop Stars

Step into the eerie and supernatural world of K-Pop with spine-chilling ghost encounters, unexplained mysteries, and hair-raising paranormal incidents involving your favorite idols. These otherworldly stories will send shivers down your spine and leave you questioning the boundary between the living and the supernatural. SEVENTEEN’s ghost encounter while filming GOING SEVENTEEN SEVENTEEN once filmed an episode of their variety show GOING SEVENTEEN at an abandoned factory. During the filming, members, Wonwoo, The8 and Hoshi, claimed to have seen four ghosts, one of which was a female ghost. The production team…


T.O.P on Squid Game All Thanks to Lee Jung Jae? Dispatch Says

Lee Jung Jae and T.O.P are known for being friends, they’ve built a friendship based on common hobbies. They even went to the Hong Kong Art Fair together and had wine at Lim Se-ryung’s restaurant. In 2014, the secret dating spot of Actor Lee Jung-Jae and Lim Se-ryung was T.O.P’s house in Hannam-dong. The two of them had a couple’s gathering in the luxurious villa of the tower. As his senior, Lee Jung Jae took the initiative to find a role for his junior. In the past, Lee Jung Jae once…


T.O.P Announces His Departure from BIGBANG

On May 31, T.O.P communicates with fans via Instagram and says that he has formally left BIGBANG to embark on a new chapter in his life. Fans were thrilled when T.O.P shared a brief video and a snapshot on his Instagram account, T.O.P is seen in the video mixing music at his home while sending a brief caption. Said he, “Still making my albums.” Over the next two days, fans deluged the artist with questions about the post. One fan left a comment saying “Did you leave Big Bang?” To…


Unforgettable Moments on Korean Awards Shows

The K-Pop Awards show is one of the events we look forward to every year. Special performances and emotional acceptance speeches only happen during these times. Here are some of the most unforgettable moments from the K-Pop Awards show. 2NE1 Reunion The performance that made the night. In 2015, CL presented her solo singles, “The Baddest Female” and “Hello Bitches.” After her performance, Park Bom, Minzy, and Sandara surprised everyone and performed their iconic debut song “Fire” and the legendary hit, “I Am The Best.” G-Dragon’s Dissing MAMA G-Dragon delivered…