Ori: K-pop Star Who Disappeared on Debut Day

Ori (오리) was born into a mixed-race family; she has a Japanese father and a Korean mother. Her original name is Tanaka Sori (たなか そり), but she took the stage name Ori, which means “duck” in Korean, when she debuted.

She debuted on KBS’s Music Bank in 2008 with her song “It’s Snowing Today.” Ori’s debut stage is now considered to be one of the worst in K-pop history. Her vocals were unstable, her dance moves were uncoordinated, and she seemed nervous and uncomfortable on stage.

Viewers were shocked and disappointed, and many criticized her performance on social media. Ori’s performance was so bad that it became a national news story in Korea. Her company, Audis Entertainment, was also criticized for allowing her to perform in such a state.

Ori herself was devastated by the negative feedback, and she left her company and the entertainment industry soon after her debut. It is still unclear why Ori’s performance was so bad. Some people believe that she was simply not ready to debut yet, while others believe that she may have been suffering from stage fright or other personal issues. Since then, she disappeared from television screens and has not made a return.

Whatever the reason, Ori’s debut stage is a reminder of the pressure and scrutiny that K-pop idols face, and the importance of being prepared before debuting.

Ori’s story is also a cautionary tale for other aspiring K-pop idols. It is important to remember that talent and hard work are not always enough. It is also important to have the mental and emotional strength to handle the pressures of the industry.

Watch her debut and last stage here:

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