6 Spine-Chilling Ghost Encounters by K-pop Stars

Step into the eerie and supernatural world of K-Pop with spine-chilling ghost encounters, unexplained mysteries, and hair-raising paranormal incidents involving your favorite idols. These otherworldly stories will send shivers down your spine and leave you questioning the boundary between the living and the supernatural. SEVENTEEN’s ghost encounter while filming GOING SEVENTEEN SEVENTEEN once filmed an episode of their variety show GOING SEVENTEEN at an abandoned factory. During the filming, members, Wonwoo, The8 and Hoshi, claimed to have seen four ghosts, one of which was a female ghost. The production team…


Best Vocal Moments of SM Entertainment Male Vocalists

No doubt SM Entertainment produces some of the best male vocalists we have today. Here are some of our favorite vocal moments from the best male vocalists of SM Entertainment. Doyoung One of the main vocalists of NCT. He was introduced to NCT U in 2016 and got added to NCT 127 in 2017. Taeil Also one of the main vocalists of NCT, NCT U, and NCT 127 subunits. He has lent his voice to several dramas. Chen Dubbed as OST king, the EXO’s main vocalist has lent his voice…