K-Pop Groups Who Defied the Odds and Made It Big 

K-pop is a highly competitive industry, dominated by big music labels such as SM Entertainment, YG Entertainment, and JYP Entertainment. However, there are some K-pop groups that have managed to make it big despite not coming from big companies. These groups have proven that being from a small company doesn’t mean you can’t break through. Let’s check out some of the K-pop groups who went big despite not coming from big companies, including Fifty Fifty, G-Friend, and many more. 1. G-Friend G-Friend is a South Korean girl group formed by…



Mark your calendars as OctoArts Entertainment brings a collection of K-POP super acts THE SUPER STAGE BY K-POP IN MANILA! The highly awaited K-pop show featuring an all-female ensemble of K-POP groups MAMAMOO+, KEP1ER, and LAPILLUS is happening LIVE at the Mall of Asia Arena on August 11, 2023. MAMAMOO+ is the first sub-unit of the girl group MAMAMOO, composed of MAMAMOO’s leader and vocalist Solar, and rapper Moonbyul. In 2022, the powerhouse duo released their debut single “Better” featuring South Korean rapper Big Naughty. In March this year, MAMAMOO+…


These 6 K-Pop Groups Almost Debuted With Different Names

Just like a product, K-Pop group’s names are part of the whole branding of the musical brand. It reflects the genre the group is going for as well as the image of the members. Check out the K-Pop groups who almost debuted with different names! GFRIEND Before landing the name GFRIEND the girls almost debuted under the name ‘World Peace,’ ‘Guardian Angel,’ and ‘Hug Hug.’ SISTAR SISTAR is a unique name for a girl group but the summer queens’ almost got ‘Diri Diri Dara Dara Duru Duru Bop’ as their…


Most Random Items That Went Sold Out Thanks to K-Pop Idols

K-Pop idols are indeed good brand ambassadors. If you own a company, no doubt they’re the best to hire to endorse your good as they instantly sell them out. But there are random moments when companies should thank K-Pop idols for advertising their products for free. Here are the random items of some K-Pop idols made sold out.   BTS JUNGKOOK – Downy In January 2019, BTS’ Jungkook talked with ARMYs on their official fan cafe. While on the topic of laundry, the fans asked the idol what products he…

kpop group promoting in different agencies K-ENTERTAINMENT 

K-Pop groups that are still promoting together despite being in different agencies

Disbandment is never the option! Here are some of the k-pop groups that are still promoting together even if they are now signed under different agencies: 2PM Only Junho, Jun.K, Nichkhun, and Wooyoung are still under JYP Entertainment. APINK Member Son Na Eun is now part of YG Entertainment but she still joins all the APINK music activities. SHINHWA All the members are signed under different agencies for their personal activities. But for SHINHWA promotions, they are all under Shinhwa Company. MAMAMOO All the other members except Wheein are still…


K-Pop English Releases in 2021

It’s not new anymore in the K-Pop industry that songs of an idol or group have a different language version (English, Japanese, Chinese, etc.) We are blessed with several K-pop English bops this year that we can’t help but share with you. Also, if you’re having a hard time singing in Korean, you might like these songs. Here are some of the K-pop English songs released this year:   TWICE – The Feels    EXO’s D.O. – Rose   MONSTA X – One Day   BLACKPINK ROSÉ – On The…