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Cancel Culture in K-Pop: A Look at Its Impact

Cancel culture has been a prevalent phenomenon in the K-Pop industry, particularly in recent years. It involves fans and netizens expressing their dissatisfaction with a celebrity’s behavior or actions and calling for their removal or boycotting from the industry. The severity of cancel culture can vary depending on the situation, but it can have a significant impact on a celebrity’s reputation, career, and mental health. Here are four examples of cancel culture in the K-Pop industry: Hyunjin from Stray Kids: In February 2021, a former classmate accused Hyunjin of bullying…


6 K-Pop Memes That Went Viral Outside The Community

 The K-Pop community isn’t just about stanning and idolizing these stars! The amount of witty fan accounts on Twitter has sure given birth to many memes that truly made us laugh! Below are some of the best meme in K-Pop that has reached outside the community!  The Iconic Legs of BLACKPINK’s Lisa Thanks to Twitter’s layout, it worked! Screencapped from a dance performance video where Lisa flaunts her long legs in incredible thigh-high boots. Twitter users cropped BLACKPINK‘s member torso leaving the legs to make them “work.” Huge personalities joined…