6 K-Pop Memes That Went Viral Outside The Community

 The K-Pop community isn’t just about stanning and idolizing these stars! The amount of witty fan accounts on Twitter has sure given birth to many memes that truly made us laugh! Below are some of the best meme in K-Pop that has reached outside the community!  The Iconic Legs of BLACKPINK’s Lisa Thanks to Twitter’s layout, it worked! Screencapped from a dance performance video where Lisa flaunts her long legs in incredible thigh-high boots. Twitter users cropped BLACKPINK‘s member torso leaving the legs to make them “work.” Huge personalities joined…


Idols Who Were Once Fans Of Your Favorite Groups

Before turning into professional musicians, many of K-Pop idols were inspired by their idols. It is no wonder that we want them to succeed as much as we want to be successful ourselves because they are just like us in some ways and for that reason alone; we want them to succeed. This list of stars who were inspired by their idols is more than just fans who love their idols and wish them the best. In fact, some of these figures have become quite famous on their own through…


The first K-Pop concert in PH after 2 years: “Begin Again: KPOP Edition”

It’s no secret how much Filipino fans have missed seeing their favorite Korean artists live. Amidst the scramble to collect photocards and make it to online video call events, there are quiet echoes of “I miss watching concerts!” and “When are fan meetings coming back?” in various corners of the web. Well, fans are in for a treat this summer as four South Korean acts are coming to Manila for a concert. NCT DREAM, SHINee’s KEY, WEi, and ALICE are set to perform their biggest hits live at “Begin Again: KPOP Edition” happening on…


SHINee’s Key Shares His Feelings About The Members to Taeyeon

On March 19, SHINee’s Key appeared on MBC’s entertainment program “I Live Alone,” where Key moved in recently to his new house and invited Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon to come over after cleaning up and doing a tteokbokki mukbang alone. Taeyeon and Key had a catch-up during dinner where Key showed off SHINee’s tight bond with Minho surprising him a housewarming gift and Key also pointing out the gifts given by the other SHINee members, including Jonghyun. Key then confessed, “The hardest thing about this album was the lack of vocals.”…