6 K-Pop Memes That Went Viral Outside The Community

 The K-Pop community isn’t just about stanning and idolizing these stars! The amount of witty fan accounts on Twitter has sure given birth to many memes that truly made us laugh! Below are some of the best meme in K-Pop that has reached outside the community! 

The Iconic Legs of BLACKPINK’s Lisa

Thanks to Twitter’s layout, it worked! Screencapped from a dance performance video where Lisa flaunts her long legs in incredible thigh-high boots. Twitter users cropped BLACKPINK‘s member torso leaving the legs to make them “work.” Huge personalities joined the trend and made it work! 

The K-Pop Dude

An instant hit on Tumblr! In 2014, The SHINee member was seen looking scared and worried before announcing the winner on MBC’s “Music Core.” Thankfully, Taemin was announced as the winner!

Jimin’s Solo Fancam

The video currently has 14.2 million. The K-Pop superstar took the social media platform to storm with his breathtaking visuals filmed by a fansite. It was taken in 2018 at the BTS’s Love Yourself tour concert in Los Angeles.

MONSTA X’s Hyungwon and his Starbucks

The classiest way of sipping your Starbucks! The MONSTA X member did it with his Starbucks while at the fansite event. Starbucks once replied to a MONSTA X fan with, “*sips Starbucks like Hyungwon*.”

Yeri and Her Headphones

This clip might have more views than music videos. Used as a reply and a meme to post, the Red Velvet member became a hit meme for her funny moves captured during her guesting on Knowing Brothers. The video now has 58.6 million views, a meme queen!

The Clown

You might have used this once. The legendary meme orginated in 2015 when SHINee’s Key 15, dressed as Ronald McDonald for the annual Halloween party of SM Entertainment. Fans took screenshots of the video  of him getting ready for his costume, and years late it’s now labledas the “clown meme.”

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