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Cancel Culture in K-Pop: A Look at Its Impact

Cancel culture has been a prevalent phenomenon in the K-Pop industry, particularly in recent years. It involves fans and netizens expressing their dissatisfaction with a celebrity’s behavior or actions and calling for their removal or boycotting from the industry. The severity of cancel culture can vary depending on the situation, but it can have a significant impact on a celebrity’s reputation, career, and mental health. Here are four examples of cancel culture in the K-Pop industry: Hyunjin from Stray Kids: In February 2021, a former classmate accused Hyunjin of bullying…


Best Song Covers From IU’s Palette

Did you know that IU has its show on her Youtube channel? She has a corner on her channel called [IU’s Palette], and singers and actors are usually the guests. Every IU’s Palette episode becomes legendary. From the honest talks, the artists’ song performances, and even their covering of one of IU’s hit songs. Every time there’s an episode released, it becomes trending. IU’s Power indeed! Here are the Korean singers who sang the nation’s little sister’s tracks on IU’s Palette: *click the video, and it will play on their…


K-Pop Stars Who Established Their Own Entertainment Companies

Aside from the looks, talents, and charm, our favorite K-Pop idols possess, some of them are also the boss of their own entertainment companies! Some of these K-Pop artists build their own company right after their contract expired with their previous agencies. Check out the companies your idols’ are managing! SISTAR’s Hyolin – Brid3 Entertainment Brid3, Hyolyn’s own music label, was created not long after she announced her departure from Starship Entertainment. In an official statement, she noted that the company’s name pronounced “Bridge,” was designed to signify the bridge…