Songs Composed By K-Pop Idols For Other Artists

Most K-Pop songs you are familiar with were most likely written and composed by TEDDY, Black Eyed Pilseung, or Kenzie. As we all know, our K-Pop stars are not only visuals, but they also have abilities that complement their profession. Check out the incredible artists who composed for the other artists below! SHINee’s Jonghyun for Lee Hi Lee Hi discussed in 2016 the first time she knew who wrote and composed her title track “Breathe,” which received widespread attention for being written and composed by SHINee‘s Jonghyun. “At first, I…


K-Pop Stars Who Established Their Own Entertainment Companies

Aside from the looks, talents, and charm, our favorite K-Pop idols possess, some of them are also the boss of their own entertainment companies! Some of these K-Pop artists build their own company right after their contract expired with their previous agencies. Check out the companies your idols’ are managing! SISTAR’s Hyolin – Brid3 Entertainment Brid3, Hyolyn’s own music label, was created not long after she announced her departure from Starship Entertainment. In an official statement, she noted that the company’s name pronounced “Bridge,” was designed to signify the bridge…