Top Korean Stars Who Chose To Live With Their Parents Despite Being Successful

While leaving the parents’ home is common in Western culture, it is incredibly normal in Asia to remain with them until you have your own kids. South Korea has seen an increase of young professionals who live alone over the last decade, and as a result of this developing trend, TV shows like MBC’s I Live Alone have been a major hit! However, these few Korean superstars choose to live with their families. Look at them down below!

Kim Joong Kook 

Thanks to the television program My Little Old Boy, which focuses on the moms of South Korean celebrities, Kim Joong Kook and his mother are well known to be close. With Yoon Eun Hye and Song Ji Hyo, Running Man members frequently made fun of his “love line,” but at 44, he claims he hasn’t found the ideal lady yet. However, he left his parents in 2018 to live with his mother since she insisted on waking up even earlier to prepare him breakfast. After moving into his own home, Kim Joong Kook’s mother can now get some well-deserved rest while watching her son’s antics on all of his television programs.

Song Ji Hyo 

The Running member and actress has frequently discussed life at home with her parents and siblings, including her younger brother, Cheon Sung Moon, who appeared on “Song Ji Hyo’s Beautiful Life” and revealed his experience living with his sister. He claimed, “My elder sister orders me about at home,” and “She treats me so horribly that it’s just been a year since we grew close.” He also went on Running Man and said Song Ji Hyo‘s a fantastic daughter and a devoted older sibling.

Super Junior Eunhyuk

After leaving Super Junior‘s dorm, Eunhyuk used to live alone, but in 2021, he appeared on KBS’ television show ‘Mr. ‘House Husband 2’ and showcased his new residence.

“To be honest, the reason I decided to live with my family is that my mother’s health has depleted. The doctor didn’t tell us a specific time table that she has but they always tell us to be prepared,” “While I was with Super Junior, I was living away from my parents for about twenty years and I wasn’t able to do anything for them,” Eunhyuk continued, “so my objective is to be a solid support for this family.”

Park Seo Joon

The Itaewon Class star has been living with his parents for quite some time now. The 31-year-old actor still enjoys his personal life as we have seen it on variety shows such as “Home Alone” and photos Park Seo Joon personally shares with his Wooga Squad. 

Oh My Girl’s Jiho and YooA

After leaving their dorms the other members are living seperately except for the two who are living with their parents.

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