Korean Male Celebrities’ Cribs That You Have To Check Out

Many Korean celebrities reveal their cribs on variety shows that amaze viewers for their design, uniqueness, and size. The viewers tend to have these houses as their pegs for their future homes. But just like their talents, some just seem to stand out for their architecture, cozy interior, and breathtaking views. Check out below our favorite houses among the Korean male celebrities!


In MBC’s I Live Alone, the EXO member revealed his new home. He explained that he had been living alone for four months. He stated that he’d been living in dorms for ten years, since his freshman year of high school. He’s barely breathing now that he lives alone. Kai’s new place is near his family’s.

He explained that his entire home was designed to resemble a blank canvas, with a large sofa, dining table, and light fixtures serving as the focal point of the canvas that can be transformed into an artwork. The show’s hosts were astounded by how smooth the door is, leading to a hallway that connects to his bedroom and walk-in closet.

The huge sofa occupying the living area is from an Italian brand, Edra; On The Rocks which was designed by Francesco Binfaré, that starts at $2,958. The floor lamp standing behind the sofa is a Serge Mouille’s Three-Arm which costs $7,864.00, The same lighting fixture can be found in his bedroom and dining area, but a ceiling type.


Lee Seung Gi

The actor’s newly renovated apartment was featured in a 2020 episode of SBS’ Master in the House, where he is one of the hosts. Lee Seung Gi admits to feeling awkward with cameras rolling in his home. The other members complimented the actor’s newly remodeled home as soon as they arrived. They claimed that the actor’s true personality is revealed through the details and neatness of the setting.

The interior of the apartment alludes to a traditional minimalist East Asian look but with a modern twist. The abundance of wood finishes, light colors, furniture pieces, and artwork blend well with the overall look of his house. The actor got himself an office, entertainment room, and large walk-in closet.

Kang Ki Young

The actor’s poodle has been giving his fans a glimpse of his home through its very own Instagram account and YouTube channel managed by Kang Ki Young’s non-celebrity wife.

Despite the fact that there is no official house tour, the exterior of the house resembles an art gallery or a hotel due to its unique massing and form that highlights the use of glass, bricks, and earth tones colors. White, beige, and neutrals dominate the color scheme in the interior, which embraces minimalism. The expansive corner windows provide a spectacular view of the mountains and hills.

Yoo Ah In

In 2020, the actor revealed his luxurious home and shared a glimpse into his daily life in MBC’s I Live Alone. In his introduction, he stated that he has probably been living alone for 15 years. Yoo Ah In also stated that he relocated from Daegu and now lives with his manager. He began living on his own as an adult, but he moved every year. He has moved ten times but lived in this house for five years.

Resembling an art gallery, his four-story boasts an expansive living room with an Edra sofa and dining room, a sleek kitchen, a glass wine room with a Sub Zero Wine Fridge refrigerator, and a wine cellar made of stainless steel, thereby costing up to $29,761.46, a lawn on the first floor, a roof deck dedicated where he does a lot of thinking.

According to Mnet’s TMI News, Yoo Ah In’s most expensive interior item turned out to be his desk. This is an $88,258 wooden desk designed by renowned architect and woodworker George Nakashima. Formfluent also spotted a Ladró’s Conversation Vase by Jaime Hayon that can cost up to $ 3,306.44

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