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Lee Min Ho Holds the Title of Most Beloved Korean Actor Globally for 11 Years

Actor Lee Min Ho has achieved success earning the title of the Korean actor worldwide for 11 years, in a row. This recognition comes from the “2024 Overseas Korean Wave Survey,” a collaboration between the Ministry of Culture Sports and Tourism and the Korea Foundation for International Cultural Exchange. Lee Min Ho’s enduring popularity is credited to his role in driving the Korean Wave in regions like the Middle East and Southeast Asia where interest in Korean dramas is surging. He has consistently ranked high across continents showcasing his appeal.…


Being a Hallyu Fan In North Korea

Comfort and escapism; Hallyu has brought not only joy but also solace to several young people. Listening to South Korean Pop Music and following Korean celebrities is one way for teenagers to escape the reality they live in. Most fans can’t thank them enough for how big of a help it was fighting their silent battles. But it’s not the same for everyone. You may be jiving to your K-Pop playlist thousands of miles away from the artists. But that’s not the case for the North Korean teens; who are…