Kim Seon Ho will reportedly return with a new drama!

Kim Seon Ho is in discussion to star in a new historical drama!

According to several news outlets, Kim Seon Ho will be the protagonist in the upcoming drama “Hash’s Shinru” (literal translation).

Kim Seon Ho’s agency SALT Entertainment then responded to the circulating reports. According to a representative from the agency, Kim Seon Ho is positively considering starring in “Hash’s Shinru.”

“Hash’s Shinru” is a historical drama that will base its story on a web novel of the same name created by Yoon Yi Soo, the same author on the web novel where “Love in the Moonlight” was based on. The story will revolve around the crown prince who loves the stars and a woman who can foresee the future.

Kim Seon Ho will possibly play the character named Lee Hyang, a crown prince who’s also a genius scientist.

If Kim Seon Ho accepts the drama casting, this will be his comeback to the small screen since “Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha.”

Aside from this drama, Kim Seon Ho will also debut on the big screen with his upcoming movie Sad Tropical.”


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