Park Eun Bin The Multi-Genre Actress

Park Eun Bin made her acting debut in 1998. She began her career as a young actor and has since dominated the Korean drama scene. The actress has starred in a variety of genres and excelled in each. From historical to comedy to romance to law and beyond. Despite being in the industry for nearly two decades, Park Eun Bin is not afraid to attempt new and diverse genres, and she always demonstrates to everyone how skilled she is at her job.

Here are some of the genres that Park Eun Bin starred on:


Park Eun Bin starred in the historical dramas “Queen Seon Duk,” “Secret Door,” “The King’s Affection,” and more. From the young version of the royalty to now the main lead.


For the two seasons of “Age of Youth,” Park Eun Bin’s scenes were usually the funny ones. Even though her real personality is the opposite of her character Song Ji Won, the actress still effortlessly slayed her character and gave laughter to the viewers.


The actress proved that whether it’s historical or law terms, she can deliver it well and make her character stand out. This drama is titled “Judge vs. Judge” and she worked alongside Yeon Woo Jin.


Aside from being a good actress, she also showcased her musicality and also how dedicated she is to her craft. For the drama, she re-studied playing the violin so that she can perform it in the series. She can also sing and play other instruments like the flute, piano, and more.

Gender- Bender

K-Drama is known for gender-bender plots and Park Eun Bin was one of the latest actresses to do it. This kind of plot is not as many as before. With Park Eun Bin’s excellent acting, many fell in love with her as the King or her twin.

Disability Centered

It’s a no-brainer that Park Eun Bin dominated 2022 with her acting for the disability-centered drama, “Extraordinary Attorney Woo.” The drama did not only become a trending series in Korea but it also got high praise from overseas viewers. Many commend the acting of Park Eun Bin and how it is evident that the actress paid attention, studied the behavior, and portrayed well a person with a disability.

Most of these dramas are combined with romance plots and as expected, Park Eun Bin is also good at it. Every male lead that she gets to work with has great chemistry with her. And this versatile actress is coming to the Philippines to have her first-ever solo overseas fan meeting.

EUN-BIN NOTE: BINKAN IN MANILA will be on October 23, 2022 (SUN) at 6 PM. The event will be held at The New Frontier Theater.

Tickets are still available at all Ticketnet outlets or online.

The event is presented by Pulp Live World and Namoo Actors.

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