Most Iconic Performances of All Time in K-Pop

From catchy songs and stunning choreographies to dazzling outfits and charismatic personalities, K-pop superstars have delivered some of the most memorable and impressive performances of all time. Whether it’s on stage, on screen, or online, these performances showcase the talent, creativity, and diversity of K-pop. We listed down the most iconic performances of all time in K-pop history. Are you ready to be amazed? Girls’ Generation’s “Genie” on MBC’s Helipad In 2009, Girls’ Generation performed their mega-hit “Genie” on MBC’s rooftop with the members standing confidently on a helipad, their…


The Most Amazing Achievements of the K-Pop Stars You Love

It is no secret that the K-Pop industry is full of talented artists who have proven themselves through their music and achievements. Others took years and experienced a lot of hardships to reach the status they are in. Below are just some of the amazing achievements of your favorite K-Pop superstars. IU at her Golden Hour IU became the first female singer in South Korea to hold a solo concert at the ‘dream stage’, Olympic Main Stadium, one of the largest performance venues that can house up to 50,000 audiences.…


Unforgettable Moments on Korean Music Shows

Music shows in Korea such as The Show, MCountdown, Inkigayo, Music Bank, Show Champion, Show Music Core, and more are platforms for our favorite artists to promote their new music. Throughout its run, it has produced moments that the industry will never forget. Here are some of the famous and infamous performances that happened in music shows.  Red Velvet Seulgi’s Professionalism In 2017, during their performance of “Rookie” at Music Bank, Seulgi’s voice couldn’t be heard as the mic is not working. A staff of the show brought a mic…