The Most Amazing Achievements of the K-Pop Stars You Love

It is no secret that the K-Pop industry is full of talented artists who have proven themselves through their music and achievements. Others took years and experienced a lot of hardships to reach the status they are in. Below are just some of the amazing achievements of your favorite K-Pop superstars.

IU at her Golden Hour

IU became the first female singer in South Korea to hold a solo concert at the ‘dream stage’, Olympic Main Stadium, one of the largest performance venues that can house up to 50,000 audiences. Top K-Pop stars such as H.O.T, TVXQ, EXO, BTS, PSY, and NCT Dream have staged a sold-out concert in the venue. Among overseas pop stars, Michael Jackson, Lady Gaga Coldplay, and others have performed.


PSY and his Gangnam Style

His name will now be forever linked to the 2012 song “Gangnam Style,” which stunned the world. “Gangnam Style” is the first video to achieve one billion views on YouTube, with 3.1 billion views to date, according to Guinness World Records. It was also recognized as the most loved video online at the time on the Guinness World Records. PSY is reported to have generated almost $25 million during the 7-month period in which he marketed the song and received multiple prizes.


Unending achievements of BTS

BTS has accomplished a lot and broken a lot of records, but the group redefined what “all kill” means by winning every Daesang award at the Melon Music Awards and Mnet Asian Music Awards in 2019, respectively. Additionally, BTS is the first and only K-Pop act to be nominated for a Grammy. Their single “Butter” is the first and only song by a Korean performer to spend ten weeks at No. 1 on Billboard’s “Hot 100.” The Top 5 best-selling albums in South Korea are all held by BTS.


First K-Pop song to go viral

Wonder Girls‘ song “Nobody,” which peaked at No. 76 on the Hot 100 list, is the first K-Pop act to ever enter Billboard. In 2009, the single served as a gateway for Westerners to discover more K-Pop and is regarded as one of the genre’s most notable successes to date.


Olympic Closing Ceremony Acts

EXO and CL were chosen as the Olympic closing acts at the Pyeongchang 2018 Olympics. According to the International Olympic Committee’s chief of social media, fans worldwide tweeted about EXO eight million times in only four hours. Since then the group has been called the “Nation’s Pick”. Meanwhile, CL is the only female artist who performed at the closing ceremony; she performed ‘The Baddest Female’ and 2NE1 favorite ‘I Am The Best’.


First Korean Female act on VMA

BLACKPINK‘s Lisa becomes the first solo female K-Pop star and Korean soloist to both score a nomination and wins a VMA. Best K-pop, for Lisa for her debut solo single “Lalisa.”


Rookie Group winning a daesang

Others may have spent years in the business before winning a daesang, but miss A, a 3-month-old female group, received ‘Song of the Year at the 2010 Mnet Asian Music Awards with their debut song ‘Bad Girl Good Girl.’ The group is the first and only group to accomplish this accomplishment in their rookie year, and no group has ever followed in their footsteps even after a decade.

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