Persona: Sulli Confirmed to Premiere on Netflix Next Month!

The production company Mystic Story announced that Choi Jin Ri’s (Sulli) “Persona: Sulli” will officially premiere to the global audience through Netflix this November.  On October 26, it was officially confirmed that the dual piece “Persona: Sulli” consisting of the short drama film “4: Clean Island” and the full-length documentary “Dear Jinri” will officially premiere on November 13. It will exclusively be available on Netflix. The first piece “4: Clean Island” is led by Sulli (Choi Jinri), Hwang Miyoung, and Park Gabi. It narrates the story of a character named…


Most Shocking Exits By K-Pop Members. Ever.

One of the reasons why we fell in love with K-Pop is the bond of the groups. We have seen it through variety shows, guestings how close they are and how the group members blend with each other but nothing lasts forever. The common reason for the heartbreak of a K-Pop is a member leaving the group, which is inevitable for a group that has talented members who wish to pursue solo careers. Here are some of the most shocking exits by a K-Pop member. Sulli Sulli took a hiatus…