What is The Perilla Leaf Debate

The Perilla Leaf Debate is a trending topic in South Korea, igniting discussions about trust, care, and the unwritten rules that govern relationships. This hypothetical scenario revolves around a simple dining situation: you, your partner, and a close friend are at a restaurant, and on the table sits a dish of perilla leaves, notorious for being tricky to pick up with chopsticks. Your friend is struggling to separate a leaf from the pile, and your partner takes notice. Herein lies the debate: should your partner step in to help, or…


SM Entertainment Shaped Today’s K-Pop Culture

SM Entertainment has undoubtedly shaped K-pop culture as we know it today. CEO Lee Soo Man founded the first K-pop idol group and created the unique idol system that has become the industry standard. Other entertainment companies have followed SM’s lead, resulting in the vast and vibrant K-pop idol scene that we enjoy today. Their first-ever idol group H.O.T became phenomenal right after their debut. Followed by BoA and TVXQ which not only dominated South Korea but also opened the doors to the International market specifically, Japan and the US.…