What is The Perilla Leaf Debate

The Perilla Leaf Debate is a trending topic in South Korea, igniting discussions about trust, care, and the unwritten rules that govern relationships.

This hypothetical scenario revolves around a simple dining situation: you, your partner, and a close friend are at a restaurant, and on the table sits a dish of perilla leaves, notorious for being tricky to pick up with chopsticks. Your friend is struggling to separate a leaf from the pile, and your partner takes notice.

Herein lies the debate: should your partner step in to help, or should they leave your friend to fend for themselves?

Different Perspectives on the Perilla Leaf Debate

Opinions on this matter vary significantly. Some argue that it’s inappropriate for your partner to assist your friend, perceiving it as a sign of disrespect and disloyalty. They believe that your partner’s focus should be on you, not on aiding someone else. On the other side, proponents of partner assistance contend that it’s a simple act of kindness, emphasizing that helping a friend in need is perfectly acceptable. They also deem the debate itself somewhat trivial, given that it revolves around such a minor issue.

Psychiatrist Lee Boon Hee suggests that the root of this controversy may be linked to different attachment styles. Attachment theory, which focuses on interpersonal relationships, categorizes individuals into four attachment styles: anxious, avoidant, fearful, and secure. These styles influence how people trust themselves and others in relationships, shedding light on why people have diverse responses to this seemingly innocuous situation.

Celebrities and Public Opinion

The Perilla Leaf Debate has transcended its origins and gained widespread attention on social media platforms like TikTok and YouTube. Even BTS’s Jungkook and V have expressed their opinions on the matter. Crush has also joined the debate, sharing her view that helping others with perilla leaves is entirely normal. Red Velvet’s Seulgi says, she wouldn’t care as long as you don’t send some strange signal.

Kang Min Kyung of DAVICHI shares a similar sentiment, emphasizing that it’s all about the eye contact. If someone offers a perilla leaf with a meaningful gaze, that’s when it becomes problematic for her. She further states that it doesn’t matter whose perilla leaf it is; even if his partner helps with booger, she remains unfazed.

Among the members of EXO, D.O.’s response stands out as the most impressive; he mentioned will tear everything right from the start.

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