Why You Should Learn Korean if You’re a Hallyu fan

You have been asked once in your life why you stan these Korean stars when you don’t understand their language, and admit it or not, the language barrier is real! Taking up Korean for self-improvement could be a great challenge for you! Here are just some of the benefits and opportunities that come with learning the language! Learning the Korean Culture in Depth The Korean content always does have translations but often doesn’t have the exact meaning or can’t be accurate. Learning the Korean language can help you have a…


Top 20 Korean Dramas of 2021 Based on Average Ratings

2021 is packed with dramas that made our year much better. This year has been a little different as we have seen seasonal dramas and legendary actors we’ve missed after years of waiting. Below is the list of dramas that performed best according to their average rating. Top 20 Dramas: The Penthouse The Penthouse 2 The Penthouse 3 Mr. Queen One The Woman Hospital Playlist 2 Taxi Driver Vincenzo Hometown ChaChaCha The Red Sleeve The Uncanny Counter Jirisan MINE The Veil Lovers of the Red Sky Royal Secret Agent The…