Scary Moments in K-Pop That Will Make You Question Fan Culture

It’s not always a bright sunny day in K-Pop, and we know that! No matter how glitzy and glam the K-Pop industry is, it has creepy and scary moments. Below are just some of the scariest moments and creepy fan encounters that happened in the industry. ATEEZ Experiencing Racism at The Airport When ATEEZ landed in Saudi Arabia, an unnamed individual hurled racist slurs and made statements toward ATEEZ. The individual also recorded ATEEZ making racial statements and posted it to his TikTok account. The video quickly went viral, attracting…


K-Pop Legends And Their Inspiring Stories

The K-Pop idols we see today seem to have it all. Fame, money, and love from their fans all over the world; they got it all. But before reaching that status such hardships had to be endured. Here are some of the idols who have inspiring stories before becoming K-Pop legends. Super Junior Eunhyuk He once shared that they lived in a house where there was no toilet, but there was a public restroom station not far from their house, so they would frequently use that when they had to…