K-Pop Groups Whose Contracts Will Expire in 2022

In 2022, several famous k-pop groups’ contracts will expire. They mostly have 5-7 years contract with their agencies. In K-Pop, there are many factors why a group doesn’t renew their contracts with the agency. It doesn’t matter if they’re successful or not. But the reasons are not usually stated to the public. Some groups don’t renew contracts with their current agencies but made a way for the members to still promote as a group. Some groups continue to work together and renew their contract due to their trust and loyalty…


K-Pop Groups Who Renewed Their Contracts Without Any Members Leaving

In the history of K-Pop, there are only a few groups who renewed their contracts (and still active) with complete members in their current agencies. Yes, you read it right. To be exact, there are only five groups!  This means that their loyalty to their agency and their group members are top-notch.  Right after signing to an agency as a trainee, being assigned to be part of a k-pop group, these idols are still stuck together and are loyal to their group up to this day.  We can conclude that…