K-Dramas Featuring North Korean Character Leads

As we all know the Korean peninsula is divided into North and South. And of course, we are much knowledgable about South Korea. Through K-Dramas we got a glimpse of the culture of North Koreans and see the huge difference between the two nations. Here are some of the dramas that featured North Korean characters. Snow Drop Under a dictatorial government, it tackles a love story of a university student named Eun Young Ro (Ji Soo) and a North-Korean spy named Lim Suho (Jung Hae In). They met on a blind date…


K-Drama Remakes of Western Shows

There are several remakes in the Korean drama world. They have famous movies and dramas that were remakes of Japan, Taiwan, China, and other countries’ films. Even in the past years, there were also few dramas that were adapted from the Western side. It’s not new in Korea but it seems like these days, there are emerging upcoming dramas that were depicted from Western films and series. Here are the new and not so new remakes of Korean dramas: Jane The Virgin The CW series Jane The Virgin will reportedly…