BTS announces decision regarding military enlistment

BTS members revealed their decision regarding their military enlistment. On October 17, BTS’ agency BigHit Entertainment announced that member JIn will proceed with the military enlistment procedure at the end of this month. Jin will cancel the enlistment postponement and will follow all the procedures of the administration. Aside from Jin, other members of BTS also revealed that they will be serving in the military according to their plans. Source


The Year Of K-Pop Idols’ Military Enlistment

Do you want to know what year your favorite group will possibly start enlisting in the military? We got you! Check out if your fave groups are here. Make sure you also remember the year so that you will not be shocked when the time comes~ (Based on the age of the oldest member(s) that’s required to enlist in the military) DAY6 Debut date: 2015 Year that a member will start to enlist: 2021 SF9 Debut date: 2016 Year that a member will start to enlist: 2021 VICTON Debut date:…