Popular K-Drama Clichés

Although Korean dramas are renowned for their original plots and characters, they also frequently use clichés that viewers have grown accustomed to.

Rich Boy Meets Poor Girl

The “rich boy meets poor girl” cliché is one of the most well-known. This cliche typically features a rich, attractive male lead who falls in love with a poor, devoted female lead. The two protagonists frequently come from different socioeconomic classes and face challenges in their relationship. This cliché is frequently used to examine issues of social inequality and class conflict.

Evil Mother In Law

The “evil mother-in-law” stereotype is another well-known cliche. A female lead who is married to a wealthy man typically falls victim to this stereotype because his mother is desperate to keep them apart. The mother-in-law is frequently portrayed as a cruel and cunning figure who will stop at nothing to keep her son away from the main female character. Themes of family dynamics and the power struggle between generations are frequently explored using this cliché.

Second Lead Syndrome

Another cliché that frequently appears in Korean dramas is the “second lead syndrome.” This cliche frequently features a female lead who falls in love with the male lead but realizes that he is in love with a different woman. The second lead is frequently portrayed as a sympathetic character who is prepared to sacrifice his happiness to protect the happiness of the female lead. This cliché is frequently used to consider unrequited love and loyalty-related concerns.

Amnesia Character

The “amnesia” narrative is another well-known cliché in Korean dramas. This concept typically features a character who has forgotten who they are and what their life was like before the amnesia and must rediscover these things. Identity and self-discovery-related themes are frequently explored using this cliché.

These are only a few of the clichés that frequently appear in Korean dramas. While some of these clichés are predictable, others are employed to explore intriguing ideas and tell gripping tales.

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