Lee Sun Kyun Under Internal Investigation by The Police

Amidst breaking news about a prominent actor’s alleged involvement in a drug scandal, it was disclosed that the actor in question is Lee Sun Kyun. In response to this revelation, Lee Sun Kyun’s agency, HODU&U Entertainment, expressed their commitment to fully cooperate with the ongoing investigation.

On October 20, HODU&U Entertainment officially identified actor A as Lee Sun Kyun and stated, “We are currently verifying the precise details of the accusations against Lee Sun-kyun. We will wholeheartedly cooperate with any investigations conducted by law enforcement agencies in the future.”

The agency further revealed that Lee Sun Kyun had been subjected to constant blackmail and threats by an individual involved in the case, and he has filed a complaint with the investigative authorities. They assured that they would provide updates on the case through their legal representative.

Additionally, they emphasized that they would take decisive action against the dissemination of false or malicious information through posts and rumors.

The previous day, the Gyeonggi Newspaper reported that the Incheon Metropolitan Police Agency had obtained information regarding drug-related allegations against the well-known celebrity, known as L, during an investigation of a Gangnam entertainment establishment. Subsequent reports suggested that L had been coerced into providing a substantial sum of approximately 200 million won or 147,000 dollars.

Lee Sun Kyun, who initially rose to fame with his debut in the MBC sitcom “Lovers” in 2001, has featured in numerous films and television dramas. He married actress Jeon Hye Jin in 2009 and is the father of two sons.

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