Idol Dedicated Programs You Should Check Out

Nowadays, if you want to learn more about the idol/group you’re interested in, you just need to go to their respective platforms and you’ll get their own contents/shows.

It is now easier to find them on a variety of programs unlike before because there are several dedicated shows for idols.

With these programs, you can learn more about them or know another side of them you haven’t seen.

Here are SOME of the variety shows that are still ongoing/airing dedicated to idols:

TMI News

If you want to know rankings of different topics related to idols, you should check this show out. Also, idols guests as panels as well. After Mom Falls Asleep – Dingo Weekly Idol – One of the firsts to have a dedicated program just for kpop idols. Currently hosted by Kwanghee and Super Junior’s Eunhyuk. You can see their teamwork, different charms, and other fun stuff. The program tries their best to give fans more reasons to stan the group.

Idol Radio

GOT7 Youngjae and DAY6’s Young K are the DJs of the viewable radio program broadcasted through VLive. Idol guests discuss their recent release and perform it, do covers of other idols, and many more.

KBob Star

Variety queens Lee Young Ja and Kim Sook feed the idols who are having a comeback. This is a program released on Youtube.

Shindong Gayo

Hosted by Super Junior’s Shindong wherein idols’ TMI are discussed. They also participate in games and more.

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