BREAKING: G-Dragon Booked For Suspicions Of Drug Use

As reported by Korean Media, on October 25, Korean Supestar, G-Dragon will be investigated under the Narcotics Management Act due to suspicions of using illegal drugs.

After actor Lee Sun Gyun was apprehended on suspicion of drug use, G-Dragon of BIGBANG was booked without detention on charges of violating the Narcotics Management Act. The police conducted a compulsory investigation and identified Kwon Ji Yong and are continuing the investigation.

Following Lee Sun Gyun’s detention, the police conducted a mandatory investigation, identified G-Dragon, and have proceeded with his case after detaining him.

The police have stated, “Due to the ongoing nature of this investigation, we are unable to disclose specific details.”

Lee Sun Gyun was detained without charges under the Narcotics Control Act for the possession of marijuana and psychotropic drugs.In September of this year, the police received information and initiated an inquiry into Mr. A (29, female), the manager of an entertainment establishment. After confirming that Mr. A had used Philopon, they obtained a warrant for her arrest, which took place on the October 21.

Subsequently, through Mr. A, they were informed of Lee Sun Gyun’s marijuana-related charges, leading to an investigation in which Lee Sun Gyun and an employee of the entertainment establishment were detained without charges.

Regarding the issue, YG Entertainment stated to Xports News, “It is hard for us to make a statement since he is no longer affiliated with the company.”

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