ASIA ARTIST AWARDS (AAA) gears up for its grand Philippine debut!

In a monumental move that underscores the Philippines’ increasing prominence in the international entertainment industry, the esteemed ASIA ARTIST AWARDS (AAA) is set to dazzle audiences in the heart of Bulacan.This year, the Philippines proudly takes center stage as it hosts the prestigious AAA on December 14, 2023, at the iconic Philippine Arena, one of the world’s largest indoor venues. Photo courtesy of AAA Organizing Committee and PULP Live World Productions The ASIA ARTIST AWARDS, a distinguished South Korean award-giving institution, stands as a beacon of excellence in the Asian…


Not by ARMYs: Seoul Subway Incident

Around 8:36 p.m. on the 6th of this month, passengers were evacuated from a train on Seoul Subway Line 9 due to a gas odor report. According to statements from both the police and fire authorities, a passenger on Line 9 express train heading towards Gimpo Airport Station raised concerns about an unusual smell, describing people rushing and even falling. This incident occurred when the train came to a stop at Sinnonhyeon Station, resulting in seven individuals sustaining minor injuries as they hurriedly disembarked. Upon thorough inspection of the scene,…